Our Story

Pastore (pr. Pas-to-ray), founded in 2019 by Ben and Chris, was born out of a shared love of mixed fermentation beers, old-world and new. Our first beer, ‘Waterbeach Weisse’ (3.4%), a modern take on the Berliner Weisse style, quickly established our reputation as sour brewers of note and remains a mainstay of our production to this day. Since then we have evolved both our brewing techniques and the styles we make, while taking care to remain true to our vision of high-quality sours with the accent on a great base beer, high quality fruit or hop additions, and very little else. We always aim to make the kind of acidic, dry and refreshing sour beers that we ourselves love and keep coming back to.

Since those early days, our range has extended to include low alcohol fruited sours (0.5%), small citrus sours (2.5%), higher ABV pastry sours (without lactose additions – all our beers are vegan, sour, crisp and dry) and beautiful yoghurty dry-hopped sours. And that’s before we mention our range of wild and aged beers. These are fermented using our ‘mother culture’, derived from local ambient micro-organisms originally captured in a spontaneous fermentation in our garden, and lovingly preserved and topped-up ever since. These beers are then matured in used oak barrels before blending and conditioning on local fresh fruit, pressed grapes from a Cambridge urban winery or the rice lees from a local sake producer.

Ben, Chris and our small team of dedicated beer obsessives hope you enjoy our beers – if you’re in the neighbourhood or come across us at a festival or event near you, drop by and talk to us about sour beer!

We strongly believe there is a sour beer for everyone!