Our Story

Chris And Ben At Thirsty

Pastore (Pas-tor-ray) is a family-run brewery located in Waterbeach just north of Cambridge, UK, founded in 2019 by father and son team Chris and Ben Shepherd. The brewery was born out of a shared love for mixed fermentation beers both old world (Belgian) and new world (American). Chris used to brew a popular cask Belgian Dubbel under the name Kilderkin Brewery on a 50L kit in his garage and Ben grew up home-brewing with his father before studying brewing at Heriot Watt and writing a thesis on Brettanomyces (wild yeast). We are a small team of four, with Joe Summerfield and Simon Tyte making up the production team.

We make acidic, dry, refreshing sour beer. On the fresh side of the brewery we make zingy, zippy lactic fermented sours and on the wild side we make blended wild ales often co-fermented with fruit. We aim to showcase the full depth and breadth of what this style of brewing can be. All of our beer is mixed fermentation but by using different cultures we achieve a range of flavour profiles, from our fresh fruited Berliner Weisses to our hazy New England sour IPAs to our oak-aged wild ales.

We strongly believe there is a sour beer for everyone!