Raspberry Ripple Sour

This is a session pastry sour...we've taken the base recipe used for our famous pastry and cocktail sours, we've toned it down to a nice round drinkable 4% ABV, and conditioned it on beautiful British raspberries, vanilla and honeycomb. The result is a super-drinkable, highly sessionable pastry sour.

Pouring through the summer at the following bars:
Jam Cafe, Nottingham
Innis & Gunn, throughout Scotland
Kerrera Bar, Guildford

And also available here: Trembling Madness, York
Orchard Box, Bristol
Cobbetts Real Ale, Surrey
Gather Beers, Lancashire
Rutland Arms, Sheffield
Heist Craft, Sheffield
Hop Box, Hertfordshire
Vocation Bar, Manchester
Ghost Whale, London
NORD, Whitley Bay